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Say hello to saving time, money and stress with our expert mortgage advisors. We’ll find the best deal, then help you apply to get your mortgage.

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Why would I use a mortgage advisor to get my mortgage

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Save you money
You get access to more than 15,000 mortgage rates from over 50 of the UKs top lenders.
Save you time
Nail it first time, by only submitting your mortgage to lenders we know will accept your application.
Take care of the paperwork
Help with your application so your new mortgage can go as smoothly and quickly as possible.
Mortgage offer 1st time
A declined mortgage application can make the next one difficult. Improve your chances of getting it first time.
Professional mortgage advice
Mortgage advisors have to be qualified to offer you 1st time buyer mortgage advice.

3 easy steps to mortgage

Our qualified mortgage advisors can help you with your mortgage needs.

We work with mortgages all day, every day so you don’t have to. We are experts in first time buyer, remortgage, buy to let and home mover mortgages. We’ll calculate how much mortgage you might qualify for as well as the maximum price you could afford for a property. And most importantly we’ll improve the chances of your mortgage application being approved first time.

Book My Call
Book My Call

Schedule a complimentary consultation with your mortgage advisor in just 20 seconds. Simply tell us when you want to chat and we’ll call you back. Booking an appointment with a fully qualified mortgage advisor has never been easier.

Leave the hard work to us
Leave the hard work to us

If we can help, we'll get to work. Your mortgage advisor can search 15,000 mortgage rates from over 50 of the UKs top mortgage lenders. We can even get exclusive deals that your own bank may not be able to offer you.

Get Your Mortgage
Get Your Mortgage

If you like our mortgage proposal, we’ll then assist you with the application paperwork, and follow up with the lender for updates so you don’t have to worry. You will have your mortgage broker with you every step of the way.

What can a mortgage advisor help me with

Remortgage Advice
Whether you want to free up some cash, reduce your mortgage term or find the best rates, we’ve got you covered.
Buy To Let Mortgage
Compare 1000s of Buy To Let mortgage rates from 50 UK mortgage lenders to get the right deal for your investment.
Home Movers Mortgage
Outgrown your current home? We’ll help make sure your new mortgage goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Do I need mortgage advice

Should I use a mortgage advisor? Can I do this on my own? Yes to both is the answer.

Should I use a mortgage advisor? Can I do this on my own? Yes to both is the answer.

There are lots of advantages of using a mortgage advisor, possibly the most beneficial to you is that they can remove the stress of finding the right mortgage. This can save you time and money because they know the market, its what they do every day. They will compare mortgage deals and guide you through the application process even helping with the paperwork and chasing lenders for updates. A GHL Direct mortgage advisor can search over 15000 mortgage deals from 50 of the UKs top mortgage lenders. We can even get exclusive deals your own bank may not offer you and offer appointments over the phone, via video call or face to face, wherever & whenever you feel comfortable.

Mortgage advisors

Is it worth using a mortgage advisor

Buying a home is going to be the biggest financial decision you ever have to make. A professional mortgage advisor will find you the best mortgage rates while making sure your application is lender ready. It could save you a lot of time, money and hassle long term.

Why use GHL Direct

You'll save time
You could save money
You'll get help with paperwork
You'll get expert financial advice
You'll get access to 15,000 mortgages
You can get help with essential insurance

Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.