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Fancy reducing your mortgage repayments or term? Let our remortgage advisors find you the best mortgage rates with our fee free consultation.

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How to remortgage your home

Who wants to lower their mortgage rate, reduce payments and maybe even the mortgage term?

Who wants to lower their mortgage rate, reduce payments and maybe even the mortgage term?

Saving money is the most attractive reason to remortgage but you could also be coming to the end of your current mortgage term. Our remortgage advisors can draw on years of experience to give you all the information you need to switch to a better mortgage rate, save some money and importantly reduce the number of years you pay it back. Our mortgage advisors are very flexible and offer appointments over the phone, via video call or face to face from 8am - 8pm.

3 easy steps to remortgage

We provide money saving remortgage advice

We work with mortgages all day, every day so you don’t have to. By comparing over 1000s of remortgage rates we aim to save you time, hassle and money. We even get deals your own bank may not offer you. With our remortgage advice you can be assured of getting the right mortgage rates for you.

Book My Call
Book My Call

Schedule a complimentary consultation with your remortgage advisor in just 20 seconds. Simply tell us when you want to chat and we’ll call you back. Booking an appointment with a fully qualified remortgage advisor has never been easier.

Leave the hard work to us
Leave the hard work to us

If we can help, we'll get to work. Your remortgage advisor can search 1000s of mortgage rates from over 50 of the UKs top mortgage lenders. We can even get exclusive deals that your own bank may not be able to offer you.

Get Your Mortgage
Get Your Mortgage

If you like our remortgage proposal, we’ll then assist you with the application paperwork, and follow up with the lender for updates so you don’t have to worry. You will have your mortgage broker with you every step of the way.

Remortgage advisors

Is it worth using a mortgage advisor

Although remortgaging your home is fairly straightforward, a professional mortgage advisor will find you the best remortgage rates while making sure your application is lender ready. It could save you a lot of time, money and hassle long term.

Why use GHL Direct

You'll save time
You could save money
You'll get help with paperwork
You'll get expert financial advice
You'll get access to 1000s of remortgages
You can get help with essential insurance

We won't do this

Pressure you to take our advice
Get your mortgage and disappear
Hit you with unknown costs later on
Leave you without required protection
Make you wait weeks for an appointment
Offer you unregulated mortgage advisors

Remortgage questions

What questions should I ask when remortgaging my home

Some questions to ask when looking to remortgage your home. We cover booking mortgage appointments to broker fees and everything in between.

An initial meeting with a GHL Direct mortgage advisor to discuss your first time buyer mortgage will usually be under 30 minutes. That said, it can last up to one hour depending on the complexity of your circumstances. At this point we’ll try to keep it brief.

Remortgaging can be a big money saver but it doesn’t always work for everyone. Your current mortgage deal might have ERC (early repayment charges) or the set-up (arrangement) fees on a new mortgage could mean switching doesn’t make financial sense. Make sure you get the right advice before you commit, we can help you with that.

If you are a first-time buyer, the first question you probably asked was, ‘how much can I borrow’ or ‘can I afford a mortgage’. You probably also want to think about how much you can safely borrow. It’s important to think about what would happen if your circumstances were to change and your were unable to meet your mortgage repayments. It does happen so factor in all your other monthly payments before deciding how much you’d like your mortgage loan to be.

You current mortgage lender could have already contacted you if your deal is coming to an end. As your an existing customer they may offer you a good remortgage deal, but that’s not always the case. But if they do it could be cheaper, quicker and easier to stay with your current provider. Our remortgage advisors can help by comparing what’s on offer from your lender to the deals available from our mortgage panel of lenders. We can search over 15000 mortgages from 50 of the UKs top lenders.

Everyone loves to save money but do check the short term gains don’t have longer impact on your finances. You may be saving money every month but taking out a longer mortgage means taking longer to pay off your mortgage. This could cost you a lot more in the long run as you’ll pay more interest. Be sure that any new deal doesn’t extend the mortgage longer than you want it to.

If your a first home buyer our mortgage advice can be a great help. Taking professional mortgage advice can make the difference between a successful mortgage application and being rejected. It may also lead to a much better value deal as we have access to over 50 major mortgage lenders in the UK. This could potentially saving you thousands of pounds over the mortgage term.

Our mortgage advisors are not restricted to any particular providers and will act solely in your best interests. We have access to over 15,000 mortgages from 53 of the UKs top mortgage lenders, we can even offer you deals your own bank may not. You should be confident the deal they recommend will be the best available mortgage for your circumstances. You also get to speak to us anytime of the day whereas your bank may only operate during business hours.

We really hope this isn’t the case but if you really don’t like our company or our advice its absolutely no problem at all. Your under no obligation to take our advice or in fact any mortgage advisors advice and this call is completely free to you

Once we have identified the options available, we’ll meet or chat with you again to discuss our recommendations over the phone. We’ll also write to you so you can review what we have suggested, and why. Assuming you’re happy with our recommendations, we’ll work with you to complete the application forms and liaise with your solicitor, valuers and surveyors on your behalf. We can also talk you through the vital areas involved in financially protecting your new property and we’ll stay in touch throughout the process – and into the future.

Buying a property isn’t just about the right mortgage; it also involves solicitors, surveys and insurance. Your financial advisor can help you will all of this and will talk you through the options at a later stage. One advisor, multiple solutions. We aim to keep it all stress free for you.

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