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Critical Illness

Critical illness

We believe that everyone should have access to professional, honest & clear Insurance advice. Unfortunately many people find out the hard way that quick & cheap isn’t always the better option.


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Critical Illness Insurance you can depend on

Critical illness insurance is a policy designed to pay a lump sum or income on the diagnosis of certain life-threatening or debilitating (but not fatal) conditions such as a heart attack, stroke, certain types/stages of cancer, multiple sclerosis and loss of limbs.

The illnesses covered will be specified in the policy along with any exclusions and limitations – these differ between insurers. Critical illness policies usually only pay out once, so are not a replacement for income. You can use the payout to pay for medical treatment, pay off your mortgage or anything else.

The size of your insurance premium will depend on your age, health, occupation, whether or not you smoke, the type and amount of cover you need, and how long you need it for. It is important to remember that premiums could also be more expensive if you have a history of a particular illness in your family or the illness may be excluded from the cover.

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Critical Illness checklist

It may be tempting simply to opt for the cheapest policy available. But it is important to bear in mind that whilst many products may look the same, there can be important differences between them that can be difficult to spot. This is particularly important with serious and critical illness cover where the cover available from different providers varies more significantly care should be taken to select a policy that is most suitable for your particular needs.

We all know to our cost sometimes that not everything in life is straightforward and things don’t always go to plan. Our Insurance advisers can help you prepare for the unexpected and put in place some financial safety nets in case anything happens to impact your family or disrupt your plans.

We can help you make the right selection.

  • Flexibility – Could your family cope financially if either you or your spouse/partner had a critical Illness?
  • How much income would you have if you were taken seriously ill and couldn’t work?
  • Could your business survive without you or your key people?
  • How your lifestyle may change if you had an accident and couldn’t do the things you do today?
  • Just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself

How it works

Your financial adviser should follow these steps



Use our adviser map search or complete the quick callback form, we’ll match you with an adviser.  Once that’s done we’ll call you back at your chosen date & time, whatever & wherever suits you, we’ll find the time



During your free callback we’ll ask you what you want to achieve so we can understand your specific needs and circumstances. We can source 1000’s of Mortgage & Insurance products to target the best deal for you.



Once we’ve made our recommendation, assuming you’re happy, we’ll work with you to submit the application & complete the paperwork, if required liaising with solicitors and just being there for you.


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