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income protection insurance

We’ll help you arrange income protection insurance if you’re unable to work because of an accident or sickness. Get your fee free no obligation quote today.

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Let's start at the beginning what exactly is income protection?

What it does for you

Income protection insurance could help you keep up with your mortgage repayments or rent, and other day-to-day living costs until you are able to return to work.

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Why you might need it

If you become ill or suffer an injury during your working life, an income protection policy can help protect against possible loss of income and give you peace of mind.

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Do you really need income protection insurance?

Income Protection replaces part of your income (tax free) if you are unable to work for a long period of time because of illness or disability, and will continue to pay out until you can return to some kind of paid work, reach retirement or death, whichever is sooner. Alongside life insurance, income protection is a must-have insurance for most working adults, but only few of us currently have. It has a waiting period before it will start to pay out. The longer you agree you’ll wait, the lower your premiums will be, so it is important you find out what income you can get from your employer, and other insurance in the event of illness or disability.

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Why would I use an insurance advisor

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What are the income protection insurance options?

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There are usually three types that you’re protected against – accident and sickness only, compulsory unemployment and the more comprehensive, accident, sickness and unemployment cover (ASU). You’re able to protect up to 70% of your gross salary and it’s designed to replace your income and to pay out a tax-free monthly sum until you are able to return to work, which can be used to help pay your monthly mortgage and certain bills.

We all know to our cost sometimes that not everything in life is straightforward and things don’t always go to plan. Our Income Protection Insurance advisors can help you prepare for the unexpected and put in place some financial safety nets in case anything happens to impact your family or disrupt your plans. This cover might not be available to you if you have existing health problems or a dangerous job, get in touch so we can help you make the right selection.

Income protection Insurance is a useful product for anyone who wants to cover their salary so they don’t fall behind with monthly outgoings should they be unable to work. Typical times when people consider Income Protection can include many scenarios such as If they’d struggle to make ends meet if they had no incoming salary, or maybe if they have dependants or if they’re self employed. Just a few examples but there are many more which we can guide you on

What else do I need to know?

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If you’d like to explore the specific options for your circumstances, or simply check if you have the right level of cover in place, please get in touch.

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We hope our page has given you a small insight into income protection insurance. To explore the specific options for your circumstances, please get in touch for your fee free chat today.

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