“Using a Remortgage Advisor like Alistair really cut down the stress and paperwork involved”

Rachelle in Peterborough, Cambs

My current fixed rate mortgage was coming to an end, assuming this would be straightforward I called my lender to book a remortgage appointment.

There was at this point an 8 week waiting list for telephone appointments so they suggested I move over to their standard higher rate when my fixed came to an end.


Not happy with that I started to Google remortgage rates and found some pretty good deals online but after speaking to Alistair Norton found I could get an even better deal using him as my mortgage advisor. Same lender, almost the same product but better rate & savings available. The savings to be made over the next 5 years made this the obvious choice, although the initial rate wasn’t the lowest I had found the actual cost of the mortgage over the term was much better saving me £1000s.

Once I had agreed with Alistair’s proposal I completed the application with guidance from both himself & Emma Nimmo and quickly received my mortgage offer. Emma then dealt with the solicitors on my behalf and I was pretty much done. They also offered advice on Home Insurance but I had 6 months remaining on my current plan, however its nice to know they are available should I need anything further.

The major benefits for me personally:

  • Flexibility of appointments, I chose the day/time & location of the consultation
  • Both Alistair & Emma were at the end of the phone whenever I had any questions, day or night.
  • My Mortgage deal I think was only available to registered Mortgage Advisors, ie not available via the lender website or high street
  • Help with all the paperwork & solicitors (the main reason I normally just remortgage with existing lender)
  • Quick & easy to deal with
  • Saving money over the mortgage term

“It was good to be able to check other peoples reviews, made the process feel safer”

Rachelle in Peterborough, Cambs

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