Critical Illness Insurance


Critical illness insurance is a policy designed to pay a lump sum or income on the diagnosis of certain life-threatening or debilitating (but not fatal) conditions such as a heart attack, stroke, certain types/stages of cancer, multiple sclerosis and loss of limbs.

Critical Illness Advice

The illnesses covered will be specified in the policy along with any exclusions and limitations – these differ between insurers. Critical illness policies usually only pay out once, so are not a replacement for income. You can use the payout to pay for medical treatment, pay off your mortgage or anything else.

Planning ahead makes sense

Because not everything in life is straightforward and things don’t always go to plan. We can help you prepare for the unexpected and put in place some financial safety nets in case anything happens to impact your family or disrupt your plans. Don’t put this insurance aside, get in touch with our advisers today.


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Critical Illness Insurance, don't wait until it's too late

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What is Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance pays out if you are diagnosed as suffering from one of the specified illnesses. It does not cover simply any sickness that affects your ability to work – it is specific about which illnesses are covered. Policy summaries will often set out a list of illnesses covered, but this is only a guide and full details will be in the policy document. This will also set out the criteria that have to be met before the insurer will pay a claim, including defining the level of severity of the illness


Understanding Critical Illness Protection

It differs to other types of protection insurance such as income protection or payment protection, so make sure you understand what it does and whether it is right for you. Many insurers now provide a plain English guide to the illnesses covered. Ask our advisers if they have one that explains the policy they have recommended. If the insurer imposes any other conditions, perhaps because of your own or family medical history, you should be told what they are before you take out the policy


How would it help you

Detailed policy terms and conditions will be provided in the policy document the insurer will send you after you take out the cover – make sure you read it so that you know what you’re covered for. It’s essential that you give full, honest answers to questions you are asked about both your own and family medical history. Giving incomplete or wrong information could invalidate your policy and any claim you make on it, If you are not sure, it is better to mention things. Otherwise you will not be aware of what the policy may or may not pay out until you make a claim


Can you afford not to have Critical Illness cover

  • Could your family cope financially if either you or your spouse/partner had a critical Illness?
  • How much income would you have if you were taken seriously ill and couldn’t work?
  • Could your business survive without you or your key people?
  • How your lifestyle may change if you had an accident and couldn’t do the things you do today?
  • Just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself

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