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Mortgage affordability

Mortgage affordability

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Can I afford a mortgage’? You can never question this enough because your mortgage is probably going to be your biggest outgoing each month.

Your annual income (before tax)
Your deposit amount
And your expected Interest Rate
Over how many years
Monthly Cost
Loan Required:
Purchase Price:

Based on borrowing {loan_amount} over {term_years} years at {interest_rate}%, your monthly repayments would be {answer_two} with a {loan_to_value} loan to value. A one off Stamp Duty cost of {total_stamp_duty} is payable at the start of your mortgage.

To qualify for a mortgage of {loan_amount}, lenders will typically require a gross annual income of {afford4_5} to {afford3_2}. Our estimate is based on a single income multiple of 3.2 to 4.5, and is subject to the lender's lending criteria.


Your Deposit Amount

The amount of deposit you have:


The ratio of the loan to the value :


Stamp Duty Tax on house value:

Term of Mortgage

Mortgage Term in years::

Please note your Loan To Value (LTV) must be at the most 95%, you will need to revise your figures to estimate calculations

Loan Amount£0.00
Purchase price$0.00
Stamp Duty 2%: $0
Stamp Duty 2% max: $0
Stamp Duty 5%: $0
Stamp Duty 10%: $0
Stamp Duty 12%: $0

This is for illustrative purposes only and is not a mortgage offer. Before a lender will agree a loan, a full mortgage application will be required. Please also note we do not store or see any of the information you input to these calculators.