Should you stay with your lender?

Staying with your current lender may feel like the saftest option when your mortgage comes to an end, but that’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting the best deal. That’s why we recommend shopping around to get a mortgage that’s fits you.

When there is such uncertainty in the housing market at the moment, you might be thinking that staying put is the right thing to do. It may feel like the easiest, but unless you search the mortgage market thoroughly, you won’t know for certain that you’re on a mortgage deal that is the right deal for you. And staying with your lender doesn’t automatically guarantee this either.

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Remortgaging – stick or twist?

If you’re looking to remortage, it will have been a few years since you last went through the process. Your circumstances may have changed during this time, not to mention the changes that have happened to the mortgage market. We all know nothing stays the same, so why should your mortgage? It’s fine for something that worked a few years ago, to not fit quite so perfectly now.

We suggest seeking the help of an experienced mortgage adviser to help with your next remortgaging steps. We have access to a huge variety of mortgage options as well as an extensive panel of lenders. We’ll be able to access specialist search tools to help with the process. We can even find exclusive mortgage options with lenders that you may not have access to.

Take the weight off your shoulders with specialist help.

An adviser can be an invaluable guide to the variety of mortgage options out there, protecting your time and energy. As well as using our in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market to search the thousands of deals out there, we can protect your time and energy, doing the legwork to find your mortgage match.

It might seem daunting looking at the mortgage market now, particularly against a less-than-positive financial climate. It may feel especially tricky if a change in your personal circumstances make you feel like your options are limited – such as a credit blip or redundancy. But it’s important to remember that there are thousands of mortgage choices out there – whatever your situation. And with an expert by your side, you’ll find one that suits you.

We know things may change, and we’ll be right by your side if they do.

If your mortgage expiry date is under six months away, you can secure a new deal now. This means you can spend your time finding the right deal, without rushing to meet the deadline of your mortgage expiring.

One final thing to remember when it comes to remortgaging, is that it isn’t just about comparing the mortgage interest rate, but the mortgage fees that your current lender will charge. If you’re looking to pay less in the long term, then it’s vital to look at the two of these together.

See what mortgage is right for you with an adviser from GHL Direct

Your time and energy is precious, so why not let an adviser from GHL Direct do the remortgaging legwork for you? We’ll search and compare products on your behalf to find the right deal for you.

Not only that, but once we’ve found it, we’ll help you through the whole remortgaging process – from scrutinizing the small print, to making sure all your paperwork is in order, saving you unnecessary hours spent searching and mortgage comparison headaches.

Our expert advice will make your mortgage search and application process pain-free, and our inside knowledge will protect you from any nasty surprises. So are you ready to find a mortgage that’s right for you? Get in touch with us today


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