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Self-employed? Prioritise your pension

Self-employed? Prioritise your pension Since the introduction of automatic enrolment, over 10 million eligible employees have been signed up to a workplace pension scheme. But for self-employed people, no such scheme exists, meaning that many of those who work for themselves are struggling to prioritise
Pension Advice

Confused about pension planning?

With more UK employees saving for their retirement than ever you could argue that Automatic Enrolment has been a success since its launch six years ago. However, research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that many people contributing to their workplace scheme


Six years on from Automatic Enrolment

Six years on from Automatic Enrolment Six years on from the launch of Automatic Enrolment in workplace pensions figures show there are close to 10million UK workers saving for retirement. But a recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey revealed 13% of people believe they


The cost of retirement

The cost of retirement How much money do you think you’ll need to receive each year of your retirement? According to the investment manager Schroders, working people in the UK aged 55 and over believe this figure would equate to 66% of their current income,